The Hall Committment

Hall is one of the leading landscape companies serving beautiful Colorado. We are big enough to tackle any project but small enough to care. We take extreme pride in delivering consistent proven results for our customers throughout the entire process of our projects.

The Hall Committiment

Our Story

Hall Contracting started in 2014 in Castle Rock, CO, when Tyler decided to take the leap of faith and create a company based on many of the things he had learned over the years. Striving to provide a different way of approaching business and employee relationships has been crucial for setting Hall apart from the other companies in the landscape industry. Growth has come from caring for those that work for company as family and empowering them to do the right thing. In turn, the client is naturally taken care of.

Family Owned

Hall is a family owned business started by Tyler Hall who has relied on the most talented team to grow and build the company in to what it is today. Our family continues to grow with more professionals with extensive experience.


Seasoned Experts

Our team is made up of experts who have been innovating the industry for years so you can expect more from your landscape. Hall prides itself in integrity, quality work, and customer service. We will work with you to make your projects come to life.


Consistent Results

Our secret to growth has been focusing on people, hard work, and doing the right thing... every time. The path to growth comes from striving to take care of each individual client and in doing so, referrals come naturally.


Get To Know Our Leadership Team

Taylor Ware
Financial Manager

Taylor has been at Hall Contracting for five years. He manages the finances and business operations. He went to the University of Utah and got his Bachelor of Finance from University of Utah. He came back to work for Hall Contracting shortly after graduating and has been a key component to the growth and organization of the company. Taylor enjoys the atmosphere and attitude of the people in the company. He also loves the opportunity to make an impact in the community. In his free time, he enjoys golf, going to the gym, and traveling with his wife. 

Sean Clair
Senior Project Manager

Sean has been at Hall Contracting for four years and manages commercial jobs. Sean got his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from CU Denver. He has worked in the landscape industry for 10 years including sales, management, and logistics manager. He was excited to come to Hall Contracting and help grow the company these last few years. Sean enjoys working at Hall Contracting because of the camaraderie and family culture. The talent and dedication of the whole team makes work enjoyable. He enjoys being in the field with crews and seeing large projects come to life from dirt to completion. Sean states, “I enjoy doing what I love every day, it’s not a job, it’s a way of life.” In his free time, he enjoys, hunting, fishing, lifting weights, and traveling with his wife and dogs.

Mario Navarrete-Carrola
Project Manager

Mario has worked for Hall Contracting for 7 years. He started as a Foreman and now manages several crews. Mario grew up and went to school in Durango, Mexico. He’s always enjoyed working outdoors and working on the farm. He has worked in the landscape industry for many years. He enjoys working at Hall Contracting and having wonderful coworkers and great leaders. He enjoys the valuable contribution he can make to the company. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. 

Tyler Bitton (TB)
Landscape Designer

Tyler is a new addition to the team and works on custom residential jobs. If you need a design from Hall Contracting, you will be seeing his smiley face as he helps walk you through the design and completion. Tyler started working in Georgia on some family land, then worked in landscape design and install for several years. He went to University of Georgia and got his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. He worked in Atlanta doing drafting, then moved to Colorado and came to work for Hall Contracting. At Hall, he enjoys helping a customer reach their landscaping goals and making things happen. He loves seeing a smile on his clients at the end of a job. He also loves the family mentality at Hall Contracting.

Ashley Ring
Project Coordinator

Ashley is a new addition to the company and helps coordinate all the various projects that are happening. Ashley started her career in the Automation industry working in accounting. She also worked in finance in the oil and gas industry as well as a project coordinator with an environmental contractor in the Demolition/Abatement industry. Ashley enjoys the opportunity to be part of the field operations and production processes of the company. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, sewing, cooking, hiking, and camping.

Collin Vidal
Maintenance Manager

Collin is a new addition to the Hall team. He is running the maintenance program and helping it grow. Collin started work for his father’s landscape company when he was 12 years old. He fell in love with working outside and watching a project come to fruition. He got his bachelor’s in business management and has been working in the landscape industry for 20 years. He enjoys and takes pride in providing the highest quality of landscape maintenance to our customers. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, hunting, and cooking some good BBQ.

Jose Francisco Lopez Martinez
Project Manager

Jose has worked for Hall Contracting for 2 years. He has managed crews and is now a project manager. He grew up and went to school in Agues Calientes, Mexico and has worked in the landscape industry for many years. He enjoys all the people that he works with, and he loves to work with lots of different types of people. He believes the most important thing is to have happy clients and to execute a good job. In his free time, he likes to watch sports and play soccer with his kids.

Benito Hernandez
Project Manager

Benito is a new addition to the Hall Team. He is a Project Manager over several crews. He has worked in the landscape industry for 18 years. He enjoys everything about his job. He likes showing his guys how to do the job effectively and with the best quality. He is a great leader. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and kids. He also enjoys playing soccer on the weekends.

Purchasing Manager

Dave is a new addition to the Hall team. He is our new purchasing manager. Dave graduated from the University of California Berkeley and has had 30 years of experience in the landscape industry. He worked as branch manager for Site One Landscape Supply and spent many years working in landscape construction. Dave enjoys finding new and innovative way to help the company grow and increase profitability. In his free time he enjoys traveling and playing music (he toured with a band after college).

Interested In An Exciting Career At Hall?

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