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Designing and building beautiful, one-of-a-kind parks and playgrounds for communities around the Denver area.

A well-designed park can make all the difference in a neighborhood or master-planned community. Parks come in all sizes, from pocket parks of just a few hundred square feet to large common areas with pavilions, playgrounds, walking paths, and more. However, every park must be carefully designed for the surrounding community, or it will not be used.

At Hall Landscape Contracting, we have years of experience designing and installing playgrounds and parks of all sizes. We can assist with public and private parks, including city installations and private community playgrounds. Explore our past projects or contact our Colorado landscaping experts to learn more about how we can design the perfect park for your community.

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The Practical Importance of Parks

A park is more than just a collection of plants and sidewalks. It should be a place where the community can gather. Even the smallest pocket park can host benches and picnic tables where neighbors can sit and talk.

More importantly, parks make neighborhoods healthier. According to the CDC, having gardens and green spaces in a community makes people more active, less stressed, and safer overall. Furthermore, green spaces can help reduce air and water pollution and reduce temperature fluctuations in the area. However, to achieve these benefits, the park must be well-designed.

What Makes a Park Well-Designed?

At Hall Contracting, we understand the many factors that go into designing a good park. We take into consideration details like:

  • The size of the space
  • The needs of the local community
  • The amount of maintenance that can be expected
  • Ecological concerns like water needs and weather conditions

These factors vary significantly from location to location. We carefully consider them to design parks that fit the organization’s current and future budgetary requirements while still achieving community use and ecological support goals.

Designing Parks to Support Your Community

There are many features Hall Contracting can include in your park. We are available to design and install everything from the ground up, including:

  • Native and non-invasive non-native plants
  • Natural or artificial turf for outdoor sports and recreation
  • Playgrounds for children of all ages
  • Walking paths and benches
  • Water features and sprinkler systems

Our designers will work closely with you to ensure we create the park that suits your community’s needs and preferences exactly.

Explore Our Colorado Park Design and Playground Installation Services

The skilled team at Hall Landscape Contractors loves getting to help communities develop green spaces for common use. Whether you are interested in common area landscaping, private park design, or playground installation, we’re happy to help.

Learn more about our park and playground installation in Colorado by talking to one of our experienced professional landscape designers today.

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